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Letter folders are popular for two reasons: First, its versatility allows you to find an affordable solution for different folding needs. Second, it's easy to use. You simply place paper in the hopper, set the fold plates or program the control panel to select the type of fold, and turn the machine on. The equipment then folds the documents to your specifications and neatly moves them to a catch tray at the other end.

Our Popular Paper Folder Machines are among the best in the industry! Tired of folding paper by hand? Invest in manual paper folding machines that automatically fold the paper for you. We have manual adjustment folders, letter folders and automatic paper folders. Friction paper folders meet most needs of churches, schools, print shops and small businesses.

For commercial printers and high-volume folding applications, choose air feed paper and letter folders. We also carry envelope stuffers and folder sealers for payroll departments, marketing campaigns and more! Our 11 x 17 Paper Folders easily fold large paper sizes and get the job done.

Need help converting paper weights? Take a look at our Paper Weight Conversion Table to calculate different paper weights.

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Intimus ( A0091979 ) TSI-5 Expert W/ Vertical Stacker  Intimus ( A0091979 ) TSI-5 Expert W/ Vertical Stacker

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