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Paper Folder Glossary

The paper folder industry uses many terms and specification ratings. To help you understand the differences between these terms, has included a list of those used most frequently.

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Air Feed Paper Folders:

Air feed paper folders use air to suck paper into the paper folding machine to be folded. If your application is folding glossy paper documents, then an air feed folder is recommended.

There are two types of air feed paper folders - manual and automatic. Both paper folders are very budget friendly and affordable. With an automatic folder, you can program different folds, adjust variable speed controls, attach a score and perf machine, and program a memory counter.
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Friction Feed Paper Folders:

Friction feed paper folders have rollers which pull the paper into the paper folding machine. Friction feed folders offer letter folding options for all folding volumes. The friction feed paper folder relieves the problem of bulk folding.

Also, automatic friction paper folders have rollers which automactically pull the paper in from the in-feed tray and fold it. With a manual setup folder, you usually have to adjust teh folding plate to the exact fold you want.

Friction feed paper folders have wearable items. Typically, the front rollers on your paper folder wear out the most. It is very common to have these replaced if your paper folder is folding to its maximum duty cycle. You can purchase rollers from our Folder Accessories.
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Friction Feed Automatic Paper Folders:

An automatic friction feed paper folder is similar to a manual paper folder except you can program an automatic paper folder. Such paper folders are more expensive. 

An automatic friction feed paper folder works when a tray is load with a stack of paper prior to operation. Each sheet is automatically fed into the machine. Depending on which model you choose from , auto-feed friction paper folders create several types of paper folds and may be programmable.

Paper Folder and Paper Inserters:

A paper folder / inserter cuts time on manual letter folding and inserting into envelopes. 

A paper folder and inserter is a machine that receives paper through a friction feed tray, folds the inserted paper, and then inserts the folded paper into an envelope. These paper folders are extremely useful in you are mailing out mass invitations, flyers, promotions, and letters