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Tina Official Mascot of

Tina's Birth Information

Tina is a gorgeous Royal Ruby color, one of the four colors in the English Toy Spaniel breed. Tina is registered by the American Kennel Club as Denim Valentina, but we just call her Tina! Depending on the person, she may also be called Tina Ballerina or Tina Baby or Tina Manderina! She was born on February 7, 2008 in Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada. She is nine years old and weighs about 14 pounds. We adopted this 9 year old gorgeous girl on June 7, 2012.

Tina the American Champion!

Tina is an American Champion, her breeder was June Peterson. Below are her list of championships:
Best of Opposite for English Toy Spaniel by the Club of America in May 2010
Major Win for Best of Breed in May 2009 by the Jackson, Tennessee Dog Fanciers Association
The American Kennel Club Certified Tina as a Champion in September 2009
Best of Opposite Sex by the Combined Specialty Clubs of Greater Des Moines in September 2009
Variety Group Placement Puppy by the Brandon Kennel Club of Mississippi in 2008

Fun Facts about Tina

Tina is a unique English Toy Spaniel. About the breed, there have only been 27 English Toy Spaniels that have given birth in one litter with each puppy of the four breed's colors. Tina was that 27th English Toy Spaniel with a litter of each of the four breed's colors. There are four colors of the English Toy Spaniel breed: Blenheim (rich mahogany red and white); ruby (rich mahogany red); Prince Charles (white with black and tan markings); and King Charles (black and tan). Tina has been a good mommy, haven given birth to 4 litters of English Toy Spaniels.

How does Tina Spend Her Day?

Tina enjoys roaming the office. She spends most of her time in her WallyBed sleeping or watching our staff members walking around the office. Some people call her Taco Tina, because she gets the Royal treatment when she gets carried in her WallyBed from car to office. She loves to go for mid morning walks. She likes visitors to our office and is very alert to our regular visitors, greeting them when they walk into the office. She also likes to join us in the conference room for lunch, the smell of food and the conversation attracts her! In the office Tina is a gentle snorer and brings a chuckle to sales reps when they visit Paul. Speaking of Paul, Tina lives in his shadow. Where he goes Tina wants to follow.
Her aunt Maria Consuelo painted the portrait of Denim Valentina.
Feel free to share Tina with the world! She's a very good girl, our little Taco Tina!