AABES © Cushion Pack CP316 S2i+ Corrugated Shredder 115V with inverter technology
AABES © Cushion Pack CP316 Series 2i+ Corrugated Shredder 115V with Inverter Technology - CUSHION CP316 S2i+
AABES © Cushion Pack CP316 Series 2i+ Corrugated Shredder 115V with Inverter Technology - CUSHION CP316 S2i+
AABES © Cushion Pack CP316 Series 2i+ Corrugated Shredder 115V with Inverter Technology - CUSHION CP316 S2i+

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AABES © Cushion Pack CP316 Series 2i+ Corrugated Shredder 115V with Inverter Technology

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Part Number: CUSHION CP316 S2i+   Brand Name:Cushion Pack   Manufacturer Part Number: CP316 S2i+
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The Cushion Pack CP316 S2i+ cardboard shredder is equipped with a 3-phase geared motor, constructed in accordance with the new regulations for IE3 and additionally equipped with an inverter (frequency converter), allowing the machine to be operated via any 115V socket. The energy saving compared with previous models is almost 30 % - with the same output! In addition, the inverter enables a soft start-up, which also protects the material (chain, bearing etc.). This also considerably reduces running and idling noise and reduces the high motor temperatures (as with the previous single phase geared motor).

Green is Clean (And Always Has Been!) Green & Eco-Friendly. The Cushion Pack© Shredders give you the opportunity to jump on board with the latest and best technology in cardboard packaging.

The Cushion Pack Shredders are world leaders turning regular cardboard into green, friendly cost-effective packaging material.

The AABES© Cushion Pack© CP316 Series 2 i+ Cardboard Shredder 115V is designed for shredding cardboard and corrugated box material into soft packaging material. You will be able to recycle disposable cardboard boxes into soft packaging material.

The Cushion Pack Brand is preferred by manufacturing facilities, recycling plants, warehouses, shipping departments and distribution centers. Capable of processing newspaper and other paper materials into soft cushioning and packaging materials, it is the cost effective, economical approach to cushioning your heavy or expensive packages.

Partner with Cushion Pack© corrugated box shredders to build a more sustainable environment!! Discover the success stories of the Cushion Pack© CP Series of shredders and you will learn how to dramatically reduce your packaging costs. Learn the added benefit of reduced shipping damages with sustainable packaging produced by the Cushion Pack© shredders. Participate in our network of innovative leaders as we share a map to the early adopters of the Cushion Pack© shredders. As we network, you will discover that sustainability and economics are mutually inclusive.

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Why pay for bubble wrap or styrofoam packaging peanuts when you can recycle your cartons and cardboard scrap? This cardboard shredder is built to last for many years and is a worthwhile investment. Periodic maintenance is required to maintain warranty.

Please visit our Cushion Pack© Manufacturer Warranty page for complete Cushion Pack© warranty information.

Brand Name:
Cushion Pack
209 Lbs
Shipping Weight in Plywood Crate:
306 pounds
Cardboard Thickness:
Up to 0.33"
Creates 2 Types of Packing Material:
Cutting Width of Cardboard:
12 3/5''
115 Volt, 60 Hz
Emergency stop switch:
1.1 kW / 1.47 HP
Loading Length-Cardboard Size:
Noise Level (dB):
Noise under load is 68 dB(A) , Noise under NO load is 60 dB(A)
26 feet per minute
Throughput rate:
1 - 2 cubic yards per hour

Our Cushion Pack carbon footprint worksheet can help determine how much greener your organization could be with a Cushion Pack© corrugated shredder.

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