Just Introduced - New Dahle PowerTec Shredders!

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Exciting News! Dahle now has a new line up of PowerTec Shredders. Shredding paper is no longer enough. These ultra-powerful machines are designed to destroy paper AND digital media on hard drives, phones, tablets, cell phones, and more!

What's new exactly? Well, Dahle has a new NSA approved paper shredder called the PowerTec 707PS which is chain driven and includes an automatic evenflow oiler. The LED keypad is also new with easy to use controls for simple operation. Like most Dahle shredders this machine has rubber shock mounts that suspend the cutting head and reduces vibration. Dahle also came out with the PowerTEC 717OS optical media shredder - NSA 04-02 approved for CDs. The shred size is very small at 2mm x 4mm. If you have a need to shred both paper and CDs at the NSA security level, then the Dahle PowerTec 727CS combination shredder is a perfect match. This shredder is NSA 02-01 and 04-02 approved for top secret shredding. A generous 33 gallon paper waste capacity and 20 gallon media capacity allows you to shred lots of material without having to stop frequently to empty the waste container.

Do you have a need to shred only hard drives, SSDs, cell phones, optical media and mini tablets? Then buy the Dahle PowerTEC 808MS media shredder. This machine has a security level O-3/E-3 for destruction of digital media. This shredder is very robust as it includes self-cleaning mode to ensure optimal performance. What if you only need to destroy 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives? Then buy the Dahle PowerTEC 818HD hard drive punch. It is NSA approved for hard drive destruction. The hardened nickel-plated punch renders hard drives unreadable. It has an illuminated chute opening with clear safety cover to protect the operator. For those customers that have a need for a beefier machine, choose the Dahle PowerTEC 828HD hard drive shredder. It operates on 220 volt, 3 phase electricity (very powerful motor). The jam protection features cycles the machine back and forth until shredding is complete. This machine is ideal for in house shredding.

Last but not least, Dahle created three (3x) new Industrial shredders. We have the PowerTEC 909HS Hopper Industrial Shredder. Perfect for shredding balled up crumpled paper. If you have a high volume amount of shredding then you can use the built in center folding table. Are you interested in an industrial shredder with a conveyor belt instead? Then go with the Dahle PowerTEC 919IS shredder. This tough machine can tackle paper, binders, and optical media. It sits on casters for easy manuverability. Do you have a warehouse full of paper that needs to be shredded? Then you should step up to the Dahle PowerTEC 929IS shredder. This industrial paper shredder is a BEAST! It can shred up to 500 sheets of paper at once and has a very large 120 gallon waste capacity.

Questions about the Dahle PowerTEC shredders? Give our friendly shredder sales experts a call today at 800-203-0233!

Gil B.

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