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Automatic Oilers

Automatic Oilers

With an automatic oiler you no longer have to manually oil your paper shredder. An automatic oiler is highly recommended for large departments with heavy volumes of shredding. Your company can rest assure that your paper shredder is in compliance with the factory warranty.

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Intimus OILR10323H High Flow Automatic Oiler 230 Volt, 60 Hz Intimus OILR10323H High Flow Automatic Oiler 230 Volt, 60 Hz

Special $525.99 Retail: $526.61
You Save: $0.62
MBM Automatic Oiler

Special $708.00
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We're really excited about the launch of MBM's new product line of paper creasing machines! There are five different models available each one with unique features. At we have the MBM GoCrease 3000 manual creaser, GoCrease 4000 electric creaser, GoCrease SEMI semi-automatic creaser, GoCrease F-Speed friction feed creasing machine, and the GoCrease AutoAir automatic air suction feed creaser. All five machines can handle a range of paper weight from 80-400 gsm (creasing) and...

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