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Cushion Pack© Carbon Footprint Reductions

This worksheet can help determine how much greener your organization could be with a Cushion Pack© corrugated shredder. You may download the Excel spreadsheet here (right-click and "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...").

Values to Determine Cost Savings  Carbon Footprint Reduction
Collect Annual Purchasing Costs of Packaging Material $ *
Determine Value of Damaged Replacement Parts When Shipped via UPS or Fedex $ *
Determine Value of Employee time and expense in issuing credit and reshipping $ *
Determine unpaid claims by UPS and Fedex $ *
Identify inbound consumption of diesel fuel by distributor of packaging supplies such as bubble wrap, poly urethane, styrene, etc $ *
Measure average pollution of diesel engine per distributor to delivery at your facility $ *
Measure how cardboard is either recycled for sale as scrap and measure $ *
Identify dumpster expense of scrap cardboard or other packaging materials $ *
Measure pollution of diesel engine from plant to recycle center or landfill $ *
Attend a demonstration of the Cushion Pack Shredder, identify all sources of scrap cardboard that may be shredded to make packaging material for all depts.  $ *
Convert tonnage of cardboard to be recycled and convert to board feet of lumber $ *
Measure to determine if shipping damages are reduced by use of Cushion Pack shredded cardboard $ *
If shipping damages are reduced, investigate the use of thinner cardboard boxes to both reduce cost and reduce consumption in tons of new thinner boxes $ *
Convert tonnage of cardboard from point of tree cutting to cardboard plant or to cardboard sheeting plant to measure diesel consumption $ *
Identify cost of cardboard shredder operation, using 4.0kW motor with BTU cost $ *
CP440 is designed for 24 hours per day of operation, measure output of operator per hour of operation $ *
Identify cost of operation of Jet DC-1100 dust collect based on BTU cost $ *
Use CP440 to claim OSHA Source Reduction Credits for those mandated by OSHA to reduce volatile compounds $ *
$ column will reflect money spent or saved.
* column reflects effect on carbon footprint.
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Download the Excel spreadsheet here (right-click and "Save Target As...").
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