We stand by our products
Our company has led the industry in supplying office equipment and supplies, paper shredders, and packaging equipment and films. We ship, stock, and supply only the highest quality products from the best suppliers available. Many of our suppliers have ISO certifications, guaranteeing that your purchases are made to exacting standards by organizations that are committed to the highest quality. Our customer support team at Machine-Solution.com is available to answer your questions. You can rest assured that customer support will provide accurate and timely answers to your inquiries and are capable of handling those routine troubling situations that so frequently occur "at the worst of times." Sales support is handled by a group of individuals that offer over 78 years of professional sales support and follow up. Our engineering staff is capable of providing mechanical and electrical engineering support that has set the standard for the industry.

We’ve won awards and we are proud of it!
Our entire staff has made our company into what it is today. We are recognized by elite U.S. government agencies for providing excellent customer support. Take for example the award given to Mr. Paul Baumgarten our Sales Manager. Mr. Baumgarten received the Certificate of Appreciation for his efforts and superior contributions to the law enforcement responsibilities of the United States Secret Service. Not to be outdone, Mrs. Clara Arias-Baumgarten, CEO of ProSource Packaging, Inc., was inducted into the NAPEW Women of Excellence Registry and has a NAPEW Registry Certificate proudly displayed in her office.

Let’s not forget our office mascot – Tina!
Tina is our official office mascot. She is a unique English Toy Spaniel. Tina enjoys roaming the office. She spends most of her time in her WallyBed sleeping or watching our staff members walking around the office. Some people call her Taco Tina, because she gets the Royal treatment when she gets carried in her WallyBed from car to office. She loves to go for mid morning walks. She likes visitors to our office and is very alert to our regular visitors, greeting them when they walk into the office. She also likes to join us in the conference room for lunch, the smell of food and the conversation attracts her! In the office Tina is a gentle snorer and brings a chuckle to sales reps when they visit Paul. Speaking of Paul, Tina lives in his shadow. Where he goes Tina wants to follow.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Machine-Solution.com and we hope to continue to earn your business with our dedicated team of professionals.

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