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Freestanding Room Dividers 3 Panel

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Our 3 panel room dividers are ideal for small classroom environments such as elementary schools or middle schools. You can even use these dividers in daycare centers or small rooms. Our 3 panel dividers stretch out to 5 feet 9 inches in width – perfect for dividing very small areas. If you own a dance studio, you can use these small room dividers to create a barrier between different classes and allow more privacy for teaching students. Screenflex small room 3 panel freestanding room dividers are available in 6 different heights; 4', 5', 6', 6' 8'', 7' 4'', and 8'. Choose from 12 different color combinations to match your room decor! When you need a create a temporary room divider always choose a Screenflex commercial divider to solve your needs.

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