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Feed Wheels

Feed Wheels

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Martin Yale W-O2051369 Feed Wheel Martin Yale W-O2051369 Feed Wheel

Special $140.38
Parts Assistant #: W-O2051369
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Just Introduced - New Dahle PowerTec Shredders!

by on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 8:33:00 AM

Exciting News! Dahle now has a new line up of PowerTec Shredders. Shredding paper is no longer enough. These ultra-powerful machines are designed to destroy paper AND digital media on hard drives, phones, tablets, cell phones, and more! What's new exactly? Well, Dahle has a new NSA approved paper shredder called the PowerTec 707PS which is chain driven and includes an automatic evenflow oiler. The LED keypad is also new with easy to use controls for simple operation. Like most Dahle shredders...

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