National Security Agency Evaluated Product List Released Sepember 1, 2014

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The National Security Agency has published a new Evaluated Product List titled NSA/CSS 02-01 September 1, 2014.

The new NSA/CSS 02-01 EPL for high security crosscut shredders features a new format where combination optical media and paper shredders are listed first.

The latest iteration of the NSA/CSS 02-01 EPL features an alphabetical list by Distributor, a product list of discontinued products and a product list of non-approved products; the relevant dates are annotated in color in the Remarks Column.

This update to the NSA/CSS 02-01 EPL also features a complete listing of authorized Distributors with contact information, website listings and all GSA Contract related data.

It is a very complete update.

More NSA/CSS updates will follow upon the completion of the 02-01 EPL for high security cross cut paper shredders. ProSource Packaging, Inc. has multiple products on the NSA/CSS EPL.

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