Digital Safety: How secure are you?

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It has been shown that it only takes a laptop and a wireless card to compromise unprotected networks. If security is not in place, someone's network and data could be compromised. What about the digital information in your phone and on your credit cards? People with the correct equipment can simply walk by you and capture all of your credit card data. They can also compromise your phone.

There are solutions to these problems. For credit cards, there are radio frequency card protectors that will block attempts to read your cards. For your phone, it can be a bit more complex. Basically, hackers try to gain access through infected messages, Bluetooth, malicious programs and, as always, social engineering. If your phone is not secure, a hacker could, for instance, steal all the money from your bank account if you bank with your phone.

To be phone safe, cell phone users should not store security pin codes in the phone, should switch off Bluetooth when not in use, thoroughly analyze the security settings of your phone and avoid accessing questionable pages - access only trusted sites. You can also utilize anti-virus software and regular scanning to keep your phone and memory cards clean. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!
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