New MBM GoCrease Paper Creasers Just Introduced!

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We're really excited about the launch of MBM's new product line of paper creasing machines! There are five different models available each one with unique features. At we have the MBM GoCrease 3000 manual creaser, GoCrease 4000 electric creaser, GoCrease SEMI semi-automatic creaser, GoCrease F-Speed friction feed creasing machine, and the GoCrease AutoAir automatic air suction feed creaser. All five machines can handle a range of paper weight from 80-400 gsm (creasing) and 80-250 gsm (perforating).

Let's talk about the MBM GoCrease 3000 model first. This machine manually creases AND perforates paper up to 12.6" x 17.7" in size. This has a simple hand operated lever with eccentric wheel that allow the operate to make creases with minimal effort. The GoCrease 3000 is perfect for low volume applications and for those on a low budget. This creasing machine also has an exchangeable creasing and perforating knife as well as 3 different creasing channel widths.

Next, we have the MBM GoCrease 4000 which has an electric foot pedal for creasing and perforating operation. This machine is designed for a higher output and can handle a larger sheet size than other models. It has a working width of 17.7" and is built with a high quality anvil perforation. There are 3 different creasing channel widths so you can customize your project accordingly. Adjustable paper stops allows the operator to easily adjust where you want the creases/perforations to occur.

Are you looking for a creaser with more features? Look no further than our MBM GoCrease SEMI programmable creaser which is a semi-automatic programmable machine operated with a touch screen display. This gives you a fast and accurate setting of distance and number of creases/perfs. There are 5 pre-set folds loaded into the machine. We have 1/2 fold, 1/3 fold, 1/4 fold, gate fold, and book cover fold. Since this machine is semi-automatic, you will have to manually load the paper into the machine. However, the paper movement is completely motor driven so you won't have to move the paper by hand! You can make up to 15 creases per sheet at a rate of 1500 sheets per hour.

For customers that want a little more bang for your buck, check out our new MBM GoCrease F-SPEED automatic friction feed creaser, perforator, and punching machine. That's right! This machine ALSO punches paper. With 6 different easy punching tools you can make any wire bind and calendar products as you wish. When you buy this machine you also get a mobile table for easier use. Here are some other cool features: batching, a telescopic feed table, adjustable feed pressure, and two widths of creasing channels. The waste drawer collects scraps. It is made of metal construction and can withstand everyday use without wear.

Finally we have our MBM GoCrease AutoAir automatic suction creaser with perforating and punching capabilities. This is our LARGEST creaser available. You can crease up to 3000 sheets per hour. With this machine you get more accuracy, feeding reliability, versatility of use, and rotary perforating and cutting tools. The GoCrease AutoAir has a 7" touch screen display and is very user friendly.

Ready to buy or have questions about our new MBM paper creasers? Give us a call at Toll-Free (800) 203-0233 and one our friendly sales associates will be more than happy to help!

Gil B.

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