New Dahle 472 S Large Format Rolling Trimmer - A Printing Professional's Dream

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We're excited to introduce the Dahle 472 S large format premium rolling paper trimmer with stand. This commercial rolling trimmer offers six feet of superior cutting performance. For customers that need to cut large banners, oversize signs, mat board, and more our Dahle 472 S paper cutter will do the job.

This heavy duty rolling cutter is the best choice for professional photographers, sign makers, and print and copy shops. Everyone in the industry trusts the Dahle brand because they make very fine paper cutting machines. Did we mention that this cutter has a lifetime warranty? It's true! Dahle offers a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing, materials and assembly (excludes cutting blades). Let me say that again - lifetime!

Here are a few cool features on this cutter:

  • Cuts up to 12 sheets of paper at once
  • Easily trims standard size matboard
  • The shelf sharpening blade cuts in both directions
  • German engineered for precision and accuracy
  • The automatic paper clamp holds paper securely so it won't move while you cut
  • Very, very smooth operation
  • Sturdy metal base with preprinted guides help you align paper easily!
  • Imprinted protactor for those tough angled cuts
  • The back and forth cutting capability maintains the blade's precision graduated edge which allows it to remove even the tiniest sliver of paper, and produces a clean burr free cut each and every time.

Let's talk about safety.

Safety is at the forefront of design. To keep hands in the safe zone, this trimmer's blade is almost entirely enclosed - which virtually eliminates the chance of injury. Holding your work security is no longer necessary. The integrated, automatic clamping system provides even pressure and prevents your work from shifting. This is a dream come true for every printing professional!

Ready to buy?

Try this Dahle 472 S paper cutter today. No one else can beat our friendly customer service and product know-how. We offer free ground shipping and orders typically ship in the same day! We'd love to have your business!
We enjoy helping our customers each and every day.

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