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Why COUNT Machinery?

COUNT print finishing equipment is built in the good ol' USA. Our new COUNT commercial products are built for professionals and the quality is supreme. The COUNT line machines are backed by the industry's best warranty: 3 years against mechanical failure AND 3 years against electrical failure.

Which COUNT Machine Is Right For Our Company?

We have 8 different models to choose from and each are unique. Let's start with the COUNT iCrease Pro. This machine is a low volume creasing solution combing simple hand-feed operation with robust features. The maximum creases per sheet is 12 creases; the acceptable paper weight range is 60-350 gsm.

Do you also want perforating capability along with digital creasing? Step up with the COUNT iCrease Pro +. This machine is exactly the same as the iCrease Pro except it includes the perforating wheel. This machine creases and perforates paper in one pass - no need to manually refeed the paper into the machine after creasing.

Ready to step up for a more automated approach? Go with our COUNT EZCreaser - an easy to use, affordable solution for low-to medium-volume creasing. This machine has has top friction-feed operation; automatic sheet set-up with a single touch; supports perfect-bind covers; comes standard with rotary perf wheel assembly. Another unique feature with the COUNT EZCreaser is the two-sided creasing die - one side has a narrow crease and the other a wide crease for heavier stock. When you need to change the side simply remove the die and flip it over to use. This automatic creaser includes micro-lateral adjustable feed rails and sheet counter (batch and total counting).

Our high volume creasing and perforating customers will be very pleased with our COUNT AccuCreaser Air which creases up to 5,500 sheets per hour. Just like the COUNT EZCreaser, this machine includes the two-sided creasing die. The Accucreaser Air also can automatically set-up for many folds such as half, tri-fold, z-fold, letter fold, roll fold, gate fold, double gate fold, double parallel fold, perfect bind-no hinge, perfect bind-single hinge, and perfect bind-double hinge. The rotary actuated impact creasing ensures maximum crease accuracy and delivers quality for your customers.

We also carry the COUNT FC114 (top friction feed) and COUNT FC114A (bottom air feed) machines which are an all-in-one solution for quality creasing, perforating, and numbering. Each machine includes 2 numbering heads with 7 digits, 4 drop zeros, and 4 repeats. This machine is so flexible you can program each numbering head individually for multiple numbering. You can choose from either black or red ink (no re-inking required because of the in patented self-inking disposable cartridges). Also, each cartridge lasts about 25,000 impressions.

After you crease you need to fold. What better way to automatically fold your paper after creasing than with our COUNT KF-200 knife folder! The KF-200 knife folder is an add-on to your existing creaser (FC114, FC114A, ACCUCreaser, or EZCreaser) providing a superior in-line, folding solution that avoids cracking of digital media. This machine is automatically set up for 6 common folds - bi-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, letter fold, gate fold, double parallel fold, and a custom option for almost any type of fold.

Now what if all you need to do is number and perforate paper? Take a look at our COUNT Number Pro which is great for low-to medium volume numbering, scoring, and perforating. This is a reliable TOP friction feed machine. One standard per wheel (33 teeth per inch) and one micro-perf wheel are included. You can number almost anywhere up to 12 times per sheet, and add a second head for an additional 12 times - or crash number carbonless forms (up to 6 parts).

Ok but what if you have a higher demand volume? Just turn to our COUNT AutoPro. This is a BOTTOM friction feed machine which means you can continuously run jobs by reloading the paper on the top. Our top friction-feed AutoPro handles low to high volume numbering and perforating. This machine requires a standard air compressor which powers the pneumatic heads. You can apply numbers virtually anywhere on a sheet - from lead edge, place numbers within 1 mm of previous number. Another cool feature is that the AutoPro's pneumatic numbering heads can vary the pressure of the head and control the striking process for the ultimate in consistency and long life. You can number single sheets or crash number carbonless forms up to 10 parts. The AutoPro also features COUNT patented self-inking disposable ink cartridges - no re-inking required.

All of the above models listed have an easy to use touch screen for easy setup and control of the machine.

Last, we are pleased to offer our COUNT PerfMaster Sprint which is ideal for low to medium volume scoring and perforating. This is a top feed friction system and produces thousands of sheets per hour. You get 6 different interchangeable perf options including microperf. The paper weight range is from 60-350 gsm and the maximum linear perf/score speed is about 12,000 sheet per hour - talk about fast! The Perfmaster Sprint handles up to 18" wide paper. You can feed single sheets, coated stock or multi-part open or glued edges. The magnetic paper stops on the receiving tray can be easily adjusted depending on the size of the paper.

Ready to buy or have questions? We'd love to hear from you! Call us Toll-Free at (800) 203-0233 and speak to any one of our friendly sales associates.

Gil B.

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