How You Can Save Time With Our HSM Autofeed Shredders

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Lately there has been a rise in the popularity of our Autofeed paper shredders from every corner of the market. Yes folks new organizations in the healthcare, financial, and legal industries are catching on to the unique capabilities of our Autofeed shredding machines. Let’s face it – no one wants to stand in front of a shredder all day feeding in pages of sheets at a time. Workers are creating little stacks of papers that they need to shred on a daily basis and voilà – that is where our Autofeed cross cut shredders fit in!

One of our favorite shredder manufacturers, HSM of America, has rolled out with a series of three different Autofeed document shredders – the AF150, AF300, and AF500. Now all 3 shredders are available in 3 different security levels – Level 3 (P-4) which is for confidential document destruction; Level 4 (P-5) which is for secret level destruction; and Level 5 (P-6) which is commonly known for “espionage” safe destruction.

Here are a few similarities across the AF150, AF300, and AF500 shredders

  • Made in Germany with high quality materials for security and durability (Sehr gut!) 
  • Dust emission tested by independent institute has proven safe and harmless (no coughing from paper dust around these machines) 
  • Automatic reverse eliminates paper jams (which is really cool since you don’t have to tug at the paper to remove a jam) 
  • Quiet operation so you’re not bothering others (darn, you’ll have to bother your coworkers some other way – maybe use an automatic pencil sharpener if you really want to irritate them)
  • Removable waste container (the shredded material has to fall somewhere, right?) 
  • Light barrier for auto start/stop (hurray!)
  • Nanogrip technology for reliable sheet intake (how many times have you tried to force feed paper into your old shredder?) 
  • Reliable and time-saving paper shredding with simultaneous dual functions: auto-feed for paper stacks while manually feeding small amounts of paper, CDs/DVDS, credit cards (sorry folks this machine can’t make you coffee).

Let’s look at the HSM Securio AF150 shredder first. You can load up to 150 sheets of paper into the paper loader – regardless of the shredder security level. This series of shredder has a 9 gallon waste capacity; shreds 12.8 feet per minute; and has a 9.5” throat opening.

Now the HSM Securio AF300 shredder is exactly the same as the AF150 except the AF300 has a 300 sheet paper load capacity; this shredder is also wider and deeper than the AF150. The full hopper speed is faster at 22.46 feet per minute vs. 11.23 feet per minute. It also has a neat lock-and-go feature that protects inserted paper stacks against unauthorized access. Just what you need to keep out nosy people, right?

Finally the HSM Securio AF500 cross cut shredder is a real workhorse. It has a loading capacity of 500 sheets and shreds 37.43 feet per minute. It also has the same exceptional features as the AF300.

Why not take the challenge?

Buy one for your office today and you’ll be amazed with your productivity savings! You’ll love our friendly customer service and fast shipping. Give us a call today at Toll-Free (800) 203-0233. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Gil B.

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