Breaking News: GSA Suspends OS2 Amid Protests

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Breaking News: GSA Suspends OS2 Amid Protests

Earlier today, June 4, 2014, Independent Office Products and Furniture Dealers Association (IOPFDA) received word that the General Services Administration (GSA) had immediately suspended Federal Strategic Sourcing OS2 for office supplies due to several protests filed claiming GSA violated the FAR in extending these contracts as well as the Jobs Act passed by Congress in 2013.

Click here to Download a Copy of the Notification Letter. GSA has not indicated when they will resolve this issue, but stay tuned as IOPFDA will keep on top of this issue.

***NEW UPDATE June 5, 2014***

Here's some more information on the GSA Suspension of Office Supplies 2 Program that was just released today. 

Gil B.

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