“Bravo Zulu”: Machine-Solution.com Flies High with Tinker AFB

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Recently we sold a shredder to Tinker AFB near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tinker AFB is the headquarters of the Air Force Material Command’s Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, which is the worldwide manager for a wide range of aircraft, engines, missiles, software and avionics and accessories components.

Can you image just how large this base is compared a commercial building? Certainly they must receive truckloads deliveries on a daily basis right?

Well sure enough, due to the huge shipping volume, Tinker AFB assigns delivery dates with Estes Express (a freight truck lines company). In this case, Estes Express makes standing appointments at Tinker for deliveries on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Our customer at the base contacted us inquiring about their shredder delivery because they had not received it by the promised time we had given them. After we did a little research and spoke with Fellowes, it turned out that the local Estes Freight terminal scheduled the first delivery appointment on 3/5. But due to bad weather, Estes Freight could not make the delivery and therefore rescheduled for the following date.

He admitted that in all the years he has worked at the base that there have been delivery issues before. However, he was willing to drive to the local Estes Freight terminal to pick up the shredder since it was more convenient (the base is within 20 miles of the Estes Freight terminal).

Anyway our customer was very grateful for our hard work and diligence in ensuring that the delivery went smoothly. He sent us this email:

“Thank you, You and Paul have been the greatest help. Yes, we did have some snow and ice, but I don’t think it was that bad, they had the roads clear really quick. Anyway, I will get over there after Noon and get this picked up. Thank you again for your help and I will not let this affect any future business. “

As they say in the Air Force, we received a “Bravo Zulo” or praise for a good job. We love helping our government customers and enjoy sharing these positive stories. We hope you will join our growing list of satisfied customers.

We enjoy helping our customers each and every day.

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