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Hammond Y009CECB3L0U Transformer

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Part Number: Y009CECB3L0U   Brand Name:   Manufacturer Part Number: Hammond Y009CECB3L0U Transformer
HPS offers three phase autotransformers that are available for applications where small voltage corrections are necessary in a distribution system. They are frequently used as an economical alternative to three phase general purpose distribution transformers to adjust the supply voltage to match specific load requirements when load isolation from the supply line is not required.

Autotransformers can be used as either a step-up or step-down transformer.
  • 600Y-480Y: 3-500kVA
  • 480Y-380Y: 3-500kVA
  • 600Y, 480Y - 400Y, 240Y, 208Y: 3-225kVA
  • 240Y, 216Y - 208Y: 3-75kVA
  • 60 Hz frequency (50/60 Hz on units with 380V primary)
  • Three phase
  • UL listed
  • CSA certified

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