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ProSource Packaging, Inc. implements OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) in the workplace environment

VPP Element #1
Management Leadership and Employee Involvement

  • Safety and Health Program Evaluation
  • Clearly established policies and procedures
  • Written Safety and Health Program
  • Clear lines of communication with employees
  • Visible Management commitment
  • Commitment of adequate resources
  • Line accountability for Safety and Health
  • Safety and health integral to change planning
  • Employee participation in Safety and Health Program

VPP Element #2
Worksite Analysis

  • Periodic self inspections to evaluate hazardous situations
  • Accident/Incident Investigations
  • Methods may include baseline industrial hygiene surveys, comprehensive safety surveys, safety design reviews and pre-use analysis
  • Hazard analyses, such as hazard reports, hazard assessment data, and injury and illness records are entered in a database
  • Hazards identified are eliminated or controlled; tracked to closure
  • Job Hazard Analyses for routine and non-routine tasks and to plan a hazards correction and control program
  • Management understands hazards of workplace
  • Employee Hazard Reporting System

VPP Element #3
Hazard Prevention and Control

  • Written preventive maintenance, emergency preparedness, and occupational safey and health procedures
  • Use of professional expertise to identify, prevent, and control hazards
  • Hazard elimination or control through engineering, administrative, PPE or hazard control programs
  • Company-wide commitment correcting and preventing hazards in the workplace
  • System to track hazards to closure
  • Written disciplinary program that is communicated to all employees

VPP Element #4
Safety and Health Training

  • Written Safety and Health Training program
  • Employees must understand the hazards associate with their specific jobs
  • Employees must understand the necessity, use, care and limitations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)