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Kobra paper shredders with Zero Consumption in Stand-by Mode and Turbo Boost System

''Energy Smart'' is the latest technological development from Kobra paper shredders. Available exclusively on the Kobra range of shredders, "Energy Smart'' saves energy and protects the enviroment by reducing emissions responsible for Global Warming.

The energy consumption of the paper shredder is managed by a dedicated energy management system which operates in conjuction with illuminated optical indicators located on top of the machine. A Kobra shredder requires electrical energy only during use. Once shredding operation is complete, the system management software will automatically activate the stand-by zero consumption mode "Energy Smart" making sure that no more electrical energy is drained from the power source.

At first glance, stand-by power consumption may be considered insignificant. However, every Kobra shredder equipped with the "Energy Smart" system, compared to most of the traditional shredders on the market, can save you money each year and will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) that would have been introduced into the atmosphere.