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August 2008 Newsletter Kobra Plus Series Strip Cut and Cross Cut Paper Shredders

Introducing the New Line of Kobra Plus Series Shredders

We offer 3 new series starting with the Kobra Plus 1 strip cut shredders. The KOBRA +1 shredder is the latest engineering innovation in our model lineup. The +1 range of paper shredders include two models equipped with straight cut shredding capability and one cross cut model. No matter which model you choose, the unit will come equipped with the "Energy-Smart"
Power System, which allows the unit to draw nearly no power in stand-by mode. The 24 Hour Continuous Duty Motor used in +1 models do not require lengthy cool down periods for efficient operation.

The Kobra Plus 2 paper shredders offers our users an unprecedented level of versatility. With capacities up to 26 sheets and the mobile protection system, the +2 is the perfect addition to a professional work environment. The KOBRA +2 comes equipped with two sets of cutting blades. The first, for standard paper input, allows for convenient front entry and high capacities. The second entry, designed specifically for media (CDs, DVDs, credit cards, etc.) feeds its shredded material into a separate waste container. The double-waste bin feature provides the user with ease in the disposal of recycled material. Further enhancing the practicality of this machine is its "Energy Smart" Power Management System, which uses nearly zero power in stand-by mode.

The KOBRA +3 Cross Cut Office Paper Shredders line is available in two distinctive cross cut models. With capacities up to 14 sheets and 24 hour continuous duty motors, the KOBRA +3 will exceed the needs of your busy office environment. The newest innovation on this model is "THROW AND SHRED" technology. This system utilizes rotating flaps as an automatic feeder, allowing the user to throw crumpled paper into the unit. With two separate sets of cutting blades, you can be sure that the disposal of shredded material will be done with ease. Keeping track of bin capacity is made simple with a front mounted bin window. Equipped with KOBRA's "ENERGY-SMART" technology, the +3 not only helps protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, but saves money in energy usage.

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