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The Packaging Industry

This month we focus our attention on the plastics packaging industry. Plastics, such as high molecular weight high density and linear low density polyethylene, are an integral part of our economy. Without the plastics packaging industry, 400 percent more material by weight and 200 percent more material by volume would be needed to make packaging products. The energy required to produce plastic packaging material is less than the energy for creating other materials. For instance, foam polystyrene plastic containers take 30 percent less total energy to make than paper board containers. Industrial shredders are some of the most important products used in the recycling process.

Did you know?

  • For every seven trucks needed to deliver paper grocery bags to the store, only one truck is needed to carry the same number of plastic grocery bags! Imagine the cost savings with today's high cost of fuel
  • Plastic lumber, made with recycled plastic packaging material, holds nails and screws better than wood, is virtually maintenance free, and lasts for 50 years
  • The number of plastics recycling businesses has nearly tripled over the past several years, with more than 1,700 businesses handling and reclaiming post consumer plastic products

Between 1990 and 1996 the amount of waste going into landfills declined by more than 17 percent (by weight).

By using plastic in packaging, American product manufacturers save enough energy each year to power a city of 1 million homes for three and a half years. Again, with the high cost of fuel, this is a very important conservation material.

Here in the USA we are recycling more than ever before. With an average recycling rate of 27 percent, and over 60 percent for some materials, we have exceeded US EPA's national goal.

Today, over 12,000 communities provide recycling services to 184 million people.

The post consumer plastic packaging and recycling industry provides jobs for more than 52,000 American workers.

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