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Secure Against Identity Theft

Identity Thieves and Corporate Spies — Their Target List

Use this quick reference sheet to determine if your documents or records are some that may be targeted by identity thieves or corporate spies.

  • Payroll Records
  • Social Security Records
  • State Employment Records
  • Credit Applications
  • Personnel Files
  • New Product Information
  • Invoices
  • Time Sheets
  • Internal Revenue Service Letters and Tax Returns
  • State Tax Returns
  • Corporate Strategic Plan Documents
  • Corporate Minutes for Board of Director Meetings
  • Email
  • Financial Documents
  • Contracts
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Advertising Budgets
  • Research and Development Ideas
  • Patent Information Developed But Not Submitted
  • Legal Documents
  • Inventory Items, Pricing, and Stock Levels
  • Spare Part Costing
  • ID Badges
  • Patient Records
  • Insurance Records

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