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How to Choose a Cardboard Shredder

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As the cardboard shredder experts, we offer the most complete product selection of cardboard and corrugated box shredders in the industry. Cardboard shredders have become one of the best solutions to reducing packaging costs by converting cardboard boxes into excellent and soft packaging material. Our Cushion Pack© cardboard shredders are the leaders in offering the most robust engineering and shredding performance.

The strength of the Cushion Pack© shredder is its ability to easily shred cardboard boxes in two different forms; precushioned and flat sheets. The Cushion Pack© machines are unique in the industry in regards to the strength of the design, the use of three-phase power except (CP316) and a robust set of electrical components. With its unique accumulating design, the Cushion Pack© shredders produce the softest cushioning material in the industry. Start with the Cushion Pack© CP316, it is the best long term investment for the company that does not have 220 volt, 3 phase electricity. The CP316 is a 115 volt cardboard shredder that will shred boxes up to 1/3" in thickness.

The industrial customer that has 220-240 volt, 3 phase electrical supply should then evaluate the PacMaster S/B or the Cushion Pack© CP422. Note that all Cushion Pack© cardboard shredders have a built in vacuum port as a standard feature, whereas it is optional with other shredders. With the capability to shred cardboard boxes up to 6/10" the CP422 has developed a loyal customer base.

If you have stiff and hard double wall cardboard boxes, then choose the Cushion Pack© CP430 with the capability to shred boxes up to .78" in thickness or the even more robust CP440 that can shred boxes up to .90" in thickness. The CP440 features an extra strong 4.0 kW motor and heavy duty gear box and chain and is unsurpassed by any cardboard shredder.

For the most complete engineering and technical support, we provide an operational maintenance DVD for PacMaster, Cushion Pack©, and HSM shredders.

Cost of Replacement parts is a very important consideration. Some manufacturers have very expensive replacement parts. Other brands of shredders do not require expensive cutting cylinders and offer quick and easy change out of the cutting block. Shop carefully and you will determine that the brand that offers the most extensive choice of shredders is probably the brand that produces the best shredder.

In summary, choose a cardboard shredder using the following criteria:

  1. Available power supply in your building
  2. Quantity of cardboard boxes to be shred each day
  3. Thickness and rigidity of cardboard boxes
  4. Built in features such as a vacuum kit for your dust collector
  5. Cost of replacement parts

For a complete list of cardboard shredders, visit the internet portal of for a complete shopping experience in cardboard shredders.

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