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How to choose a Wire Binder, Plastic Coil Binder, or Plastic Comb Binder

With the start of September comes a new school year and we're kicking off the Back-to-School season with tips on how to shop for a book binding machine! We will discuss the differences and benefits between a wire binder, plastic coil binder, or plastic coil binder.

Wire Binders
What is a Wire Binder you may ask? A Wire Binder is a booklet binding machine that uses wire to bind booklets. With a Wire Binder machine you can bind various thicknesses of booklets from as small as 3/16’’ to as large as 1 ¼’’. This equates to about a 5 sheets to 280 sheets booklet.

When you use a Wire Binder you have to first punch holes through the sheets of paper you want to bind. These machines use what is called a die for a clean and complete punch with different paper sizes.

Wire Binder: Best Option for Different Applications and Projects
Advantages of a Wire Binder include: professional appearance, allows a 360 degree fold, secure (locked) binding, functional, economic, and easy to use! Most wires are available in black, white, red, blue, and silver colors.

Why use a Wire Binder? Because they are ideal for binding a vast range of articles such as catalogs, manuals, books, agendas, recipe books, notebooks, calendars, and all sorts of sample booklets and swatches.

Be sure to check out our line of manual and electric punch binding equipment.

Plastic Coil Binders
What is a Plastic Coil Binder? A Plastic Coil Binder uses plastic coils to bind booklets. These machines are typically used in college environments (for dissertations, thesis, lecture notes, report binding, course packets), small offices, print shops, churches, homes, and more. With a Plastic Coil Binder, you get a fast, easy and convenient way of making professional booklets.

With a Plastic Coil Binder, you can choose between a manual punch or electric punch operation. The advantage with an electric punch is that it operates faster than the manual punch.

At, we carry the Electric Punch and Coil Inserting Combo system. It is foot pedal operated and very efficient to use. If you’re on a tight schedule and have a high volume, you are better off buying this machine.

Comb Punch and Binding Equipment
Another alternative to binding booklets is a Comb Binder. Our Comb Binders fit right in with small binderies, copy centers, home-offices, teachers, students, and offices.

Comb Binders are the least expensive binders available. Choose from the OffiBind or MegaBind series for your binding needs. Prices start around a couple of hundred dollars and are worth the investment. Why pay for someone else to bind your books when you can bring it in house and save money?

Remember to talk to any one of our friendly Binding Equipment Experts for helpful advice and professional service. You can reach us at Toll-Free (800) 203-0233.

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