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Helpful Hints Buying Paper Shredders

As we celebrate the Christmas and Hanukah season with gifts for our family or friends, many holiday shoppers are purchasing a paper shredder. With paper shredding technology constantly changing, holiday shoppers are looking for the most "bang for the buck." So what are the features that matter most for the first time buyer of a paper shredder?

First, recognize that cross cut shredders have become the best sellers over the past 15 months due to the need to protect sensitive information from identity thieves. Sometimes called confetti cut, these cross cut shredders are made from a special technology that cuts the particles into very small pieces. Because strip cut shredders are less secure as they only cut the paper into wide strips, cross cut paper shredders are the technological solution for shredding your sensitive personal data

Secondly, paper shredding throughput is the next item to consider. Since labor time is costly for the employer, the more paper shredded per pass, the more time efficient is the shredder. If purchased for the family member or friend, consider that leisure time is also valuable. So, in order to minimize time spent at the paper shredder, choose a shredder that meets your budget and also offers 15+ paper shredding throughput.

Third, some of the larger paper shredders require a 20 amp circuit breaker, so a commercial concern should recognize that the shredder may need a circuit like those used by some large copy machines. An electrician may be required, so consult the shredder experts at

Fourth, which brands are considered the most reliable? For quality and value, brands that should be considered are Dahle paper shredders, Destroyit shredders, Intimus shred machines, Kobra paper shredders, Olympia department shredders, and HSM shredders. Each of these machines is classified as commercial paper shredders and should be considered based on budget, throughput, quality, and reliability.

Fifth, how many years of service can I expect from a commercial shredder? These commercial paper shredders will last approximately 10-12 years. Some preventive maintenance is required and that will determine the life cycle of the shredder. Applying shredding oil to the cutting cylinders is part of routine preventive maintenance.

At we offer all shredding solutions from deskside to departmental to industrial shredding. For piece of mind and expert advice, contact your paper shredding experts at 800.203.0233 or send an email to As a family owned small business you will get the best advice and customer service after the sale from our paper shredding staff experts.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy New Year from