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Introducing the most reliable corrugated shredding machines in the market: Cushion Pack© Cardboard Shredders

Introducing the most efficient cardboard shredders in the industry, Cushion Pack Cardboard Shredders are the leader in corrugated shredding machinery. Our Cushion Pack cardboard box shredders are the industry leaders in corrugated box shredders with over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Cushion Pack shredders have many advantages including easy maintenance, a built-in vacuum kit assembly, robust cutting cylinders, and produce easy to manage, softer cushioning material. Surplus paper may also be shredded to allow you to recyle into packaging material. If you are interested in investing in the best cardboard shredders, talk to our friendly engineering and sales experts at Toll-Free (800) 203-0233.

ProSource Packaging, Inc. is pleased to offer a variety of choices of the Cushion Pack brand. Starting with the Cushion Pack CP316 Series 2 Cardboard Box Shredder, it is designed for low to medium volume cardboard shredding. This reliable and tough entry level machine operates on 115V single phase electricity and is ideal for businesses large and small that require a cardboard shredder with a small footprint, fast and reliable shredding, and with very simple preventive maintenance. Available at no extra charge, is a built in vacuum port for connection to an optional dust collector. The machine features a special port for spraying WD-40 onto the parts that require lubrication. This cardboard shredder requires an 115V, 15 amp electrical supply and should be on a dedicated circuit.

For businesses that have a heavier demand in cardboard box shredding, choose the Cushion Pack CP422 Series 2 Cardboard Shredder which is easily one of our most popular items. The CP422 Series 2 is ideal for manufacturing plants, recycling facilities, warehouses, shipping departments and more. Built with a 1.8 kW motor, this efficient box shredder quickly processes cardboard boxes in seconds. Plant managers will be amazed at the efficiency and durability of this 3 phase, 220 volt cardboard shredding machine. A NEMA L-15-20 receptacle is required and the electrical supply should be on a dedicated 20 amp circuit.

If your company needs an even heavier duty machine, then upgrade to the Cushion Pack CP430 Series 2 Heavy Duty Cardboard Shredder. The CP430 Series 2 sets the standard for large shipping facilities where a substantial amount of shipping and packaging takes place. Operators can produce between 6 and 10 cubic yards of packaging material per hour! Think of the cost savings for your business. As with all the Cushion Pack corrugated box shredders, this machine includes a factory installed vacuum kit attachment – no extra cost! No longer do you have to buy an additional kit! All you need is a dust collector to connect to the CP430. This shredder features a powerful 4.0 kW motor, making it a a workhorse capable to shred cardboard up to .78’’ in thickness. A 220 volt, 3 phase electrical supply with a 40 amp dedicated circuit is required for this heavy duty corrugated shredder.

For the most rugged corrugated shredding, the CP440 Series 2 Super Heavy Duty Corrugated Shredder is designed for the most dense and thickest cardboard. It features a heavy duty chain, a 220 volt, 3 phase motor rated at 4.0 kW, and with a specially designed rugged gear box and rugged chain it can shred corrugated boxes up to 9/10 inch in thickness. Capable of operating 3 production shifts per day, it is the ultimate in producing soft, cushioning material from stiff, heavy duty cardboard boxes. With its built in vacuum assembly kit, the CP440 Series 2 needs only a dust collector to turn your corrugated boxes into the best void fill and cushioning material. A 40 amp dedicated circuit is required for this heavy duty corrugated shredder.

For a convincing demonstration of these packaging marvels, view these machines in operation by clicking this link: Cushion Pack Cardboard Shredder Videos. See with your own eyes the beautiful engineering provided by the leaders in cardboard shredders from

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