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Cushion Pack© CP440 Cardboard Shredders, the Green Champion

More companies are undergoing a Green Initiative; implementing processes fostering a sustainable environment.

Cushion Pack© cardboard shredders from is the product of choice. Read another Cushion Pack© success story from a world leader of automotive parts.

ProSource Packaging, Inc., found on the web at is the national authorized dealer for Cushion Pack© Series 2 corrugated shredders in the United States and Mexico. As more and more companies take a Green Initiative to support a sustainable environment, the Cushion Pack© series of cardboard shredders is the product of choice. Recently, one of the largest manufacturers of automobile parts adopted the Cushion Pack© CP440 Series 2 to improve their packaging and to accomplish cost savings.

This manufacturer had a daily shipping volume of over 300 packages and needed a way to save on overall shipping costs while improving the quality of packaging. Previously, they packaged automotive parts using a mixture of bubble wrap, corrugated rolls, and foam. With the rising cost of fuel and with the cost of plastics continuing to rise, this end user saw an opportunity to convert their waste cardboard boxes into soft, manageable cushioning material or void fill.

With the current recessionary environment, the costs of purchasing this type of packaging material proved very expensive. Negative customer feedback also fueled the desire to look for an alternative solution to packaging their shipments.

With their first purchase of a Cushion Pack© CP440 from ProSource Packaging, Inc. the end user made a dramatic improvement in the overall quality of shipping. Customer feedback turned positive and there have been zero complaints on damaged products since shipping with cardboard boxes shredded by the Cushion Pack© CP440 Series 2. The CP440 heavy duty corrugated shredder was a win-win situation and a complete solution and total solution to their packaging problems.

Advantages: Return on Investment, Positive Customer Experience, Low Maintenance

In fact, this manufacturer determined their investment in a Cushion Pack© corrugated shredder will pay for itself in less than year because they no longer have to spend money on expensive packaging material.

Through recycling surplus corrugated boxes into flexible cushioning material and by avoiding disposal costs of the boxes, this end user is an environmental champion, a Green Champion for supporting a sustainable environment.

Moreover, customers' perception in having shredded cardboard in their package instead of bubble wrap and other void fill materials has been well received. A hidden environmental message is also an added benefit as this automotive parts manufacturer increases brand awareness since the cardboard they shred has their company logo.

Durability, Capable of Operation on 24 Hour/ 5 or 6 Days Per Week

Another advantage of both the CP440 and CP430 Series 2 shredders is the ability of continuous operation on a 24 Hour/5 or 6 days per week basis. When this manufacturer needs packaging material, their operators will use the shredder several times per day for many hours at a time.

Strategically placed by packing tables, the operators can efficiently shred cardboard and immediately use it for packaging.

Overall, the decision made by this corporation to purchase a Cushion Pack© CP440 Series 2 shredder proved extremely beneficial. Eliminating purchases of packaging materials, improved packaging quality, eliminating dumpster expense, removing cardboard from placement in a landfill, and satisfied customers are among a few of many benefits of purchasing a Cushion Pack© cardboard shredder from ProSource Packaging, Inc.

To hear more real world success stories and for more information on our line of Cushion Pack© Series 2 cardboard shredders, please contact ProSource Packaging, Inc. at Toll-Free (800) 203-0233. Find the entire line of Cushion Pack© cardboard shredders on the web at

We promise to help your company find the right Cushion Pack© shredder for your application. Join the list of companies who enjoy saving money and become another Green Champion for building a sustainable environment, the Cushion Pack© way.

You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to enjoy the benefits of the Cushion Pack© shredders, visit us at to receive a recommendation for your company, another future Green Champion in the making.