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Cleaning Strip Cut Shredder Blades

The blades of strip cut shredders sometimes become coated with carbon or other chemicals from carbonless forms, credit cards, or other materials that have been shredded.

The blades become slippery and will not grip the paper and pull it into the shredder. The operator often describes the shredder as having “dull blades”.

Does your paper shredder have the "dull blades" syndrome? Contact the paper shredder experts at for a simple, cost effective maintenance procedure for your paper shredder.

We offer this maintenance problem solving procedure among other common sense measures for our community of customers.

When you require expertise on issues such as maintenance or spare parts trouble shooting, then contact our experts for professional advice about paper shredding issues.

If you need HIPAA compliance solutions, then there is no better resource than the AHIMA certified record administrator, clara at machine-solution dot com.

Any or all of these staff members are experts in providing the information you need in order to make a good purchasing decision about office equipment and supplies. If replacement parts or spare parts are tough to find, these staff members can solve most office equipment parts problems.

Contact your paper shredder experts if you have any questions at: 800.203.0233 or email paul at machine-solution dot com.