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Stitchfold Booklet Maker Innovative Features

Looking for an easier, more economical way to make booklets?
Our experts at recommend the MBM Stitchfold bookletmaker and optional Stitchfold trimmer since both machines offer incredible advantages to systems using pre-formed staples. The reason? Wire! The patented, wire-fed stitching heads give you lower operating costs, lower maintenance, and less downtime. The quality is unsurpassed, with crisp folds and consistently accurate stitching.

A better way to get it together
The numbers tell the story: 2,300 booklets per hour - up to 65,000 without having to replace the wire spools. That's the reality of StitchFold. In addition, the StitchFold booklet maker runs on line with a vareity of collators - the interface is even included.

All the features of the big boys, at a fraction of the cost
The StitchFold offers features found only in larger, more complicated systems costing two to three times as much. It's the obvious choice for copy shops and print shops, churches, small offices, corporations - any organization with a need to produce high quality booklets quickly and efficiently, but with an eye toward savings.

A bookletmaking system so advanced - it's scary!

  • Stitchfold booklet maker replaces expensive pre-formed staples with spools of inexpensive bookbinding wire, so you save on material cost as well as downtime (no more having to stop constantly to replace staple cartridges)
  • Wire-stitching technology, found only in much larger systems, provides the ultimate in quality and consistency - from the first booklet to the last, on your largest runs
  • Booklets up to 100 pages are automatically jogged, stitched, folded, and neatly stacked with an accumulating output conveyor. Add the optional trimmer to trim books on-line
  • Capabilities include side stitching, corner stitching, and "fold-only".

Stitchfold bookletmaker ... simply genius
Let's be frank ... when it comes to speed, efficiency, and economy, it's hard to beat a booklet maker with wire-fed stitching. If you have an old staple booklet maker, making the switch to a StitchFold system will pay for itself in increased productivity and lower material costs. Contact our Booklet maker Experts at 800.203.0233 before your next booklet making project turns into a monster.