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Akiles Bookletmac Economical Bookletmaking Machine

The Akiles Bookletmac Manual Operated Bookletmaker is Fast and Easy to Use

Start off the New Year and holiday season with an investment that will last many years! Introducing our new Akiles Bookletmac office bookletmaker!

The Akiles Bookletmac is the latest booklet making machine available for small businesses, churches, universities, and print shops that creates professional booklet publications at an affordable price. No longer do customers have to outsource their bookletmaking jobs. Customers now have more control and flexibility to make your own catalogs, brochures, lecture notes, hymnals, pamphlets.

Think about how much money your business can save by printing and creating booklets right in your own area. Our Akiles Bookletmac is cost-effective because it is easy to make adjustments on different sheet sizes which makes short-jobs extremely economical.

The setup is quick:

  • no tools needed to change book sizes
  • 5 available stapler heads to choose from
  • 3 operation functions: booklet-making, fold only, or staple only

With an Akiles Bookletmac tabletop machine you save time. Make up to 800 books an hour without worrying about missing deadlines. This machine features a convenient built in LCD counter for precise control over job process. Need to change from one paper size to another? No problem. Moving the paper guides is a snap! Just align the guides according to the paper size and lock in place. Worried about jams? With the see-through cover the operator can constantly monitor the collated paper as it transports down into the stapling position and see the staple heads staple the paper.

You can create holiday brochures that your customers will appreciate!

Best of all - you can use this machine year round! Think about all the opportunities to make small books for mass mail marketing, programs for graduations, company presentations that will impress everyone.

For more helpful advice about our bookletmakers, give our friendly experts a call at Toll-Free (800) 203-0233 today.